The German Oriental Society for Higher Education promotes cooperation with universities in the Middle East

The future of any culture lies in education. Arab countries have recognised the decisive significance of education and now stand at the threshold of an education revolution. Knowledge-based societies are being created in the Arab world.

Universities, especially in the Arab Gulf states and Saudi Arabia, strive to achieve world-class research. They utilise their own educational traditions and tap into education and research concepts that were developed in mid 19th century Germany.

The Deutsch-Orientalische Gesellschaft für Bildung (DOGfB)/German Oriental Society for Higher Education was set up in order to network a diversity of educational traditions. This non-profit association promotes education and the exchange of knowledge through cooperation between German institutes of higher education and universities in the Arab countries, Iran, Turkey and India.

For this purpose also, the abacus in our logo is meant to symbolize the common roots of science and education in East and West.

First publication of the "German-Oriental Society for Higher Education"

"The Education Revolution in the Gulf. A Guide"
OLMS-Verlag, Hildesheim Zürich New York, 2010